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The ratings on the Site are determined according to the scoring system described in the Evaluation Criteria. The Ingredient Safety andIngredient Quality criteria, as well as Benefits and Concerns for each line of food, are based on what we understand to be the most current research and scientific data available to us at the time of publication. 


We have relied on information provided by the manufacturers of dog foods reviewed herein. The ratings are based on the ingredient panels, Guaranteed Analysis, and other data included on manufacturers’ labels according to the pet food labeling regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), as well as other package or website disclosures by the manufacturer for each dog food. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information from those sources. We have not conducted independent laboratory analysis or testing of any foods to confirm the manufacturers’ statements or claims about the foods. 


The descriptive reviews on this Site represent the opinions of dogfoodreviews.com authors based on analysis of the Ratings and manufacturers’ disclosures and descriptions for each dog food brand and dog food recipe. 


The ingredient lists, Ratings and Reviews are believed to be current according to publicly available information from manufacturers at the time of publication on the Site. If there have been subsequent changes in ingredients or descriptions, please notify us by email at info@dogfoodreviews.com so that we can correct any inaccuracies.


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Veterinary Advice

The Ratings, Reviews, Benefits, Concerns and other information on the Site are not a substitute for veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment. We make no assertions or claims as to the health benefits or detriments of any food reviewed herein for your individual dog. Please consult your veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist about any specific health or nutrition concerns for your pet. 

Role of the Advisory Board

The Dog Food Reviews Advisory Board’s role is to oversee the development and application of the Site’s rating standards and criteria, and to provide expert guidance in the ratings and review process. Advisory Board members do not review Ratings or Reviews for individual foods or brands and are not responsible for errors or omissions in the implementation of the Site’s ratings and review standards.  

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Notice To Manufacturers

The information provided on the Site is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We have relied on information on your packaging and website as of the date of publication of reviews herein. If you believe we have provided inaccurate or outdated information about your company, its products or a specific dog food recipe, please notify us of any errors via email at info@dogsfoodreviews.com. We will examine your concerns and make appropriate changes if applicable.


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