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carna4 dog food review

Carna4 is a small, boutique brand manufactured in Canada. Carna4 is considered moderate risk, with an overall score of 7.3. The food has the appearance of kibble, but it’s not extruded and it’s described as quick-baked for 4 minutes at 195F, then air-dried. The food is made in an EU-certified family-run bakery called Bio Biscuit in Quebec, Canada. 

Is Carna4 A Good Dog Food?

With protein of 28.5% and fat averaging 15%, Carna4 ranks well among dry dog foods. The recipes combine the convenience of a dry food with the better nutritional quality of a moderately processed food. 

When it comes to ingredient safety, Carna4 loses a couple of points for its 35% carbohydrate content. We would like to see a lower  amount, however it’s certainly worth noting that the carbohydrates come from organic sources. Organic ingredients means they are non GMO and a food that’s much lower in pesticides, herbicides and Roundup than most of its competitors. With that said, the food does lose a small amount of points for conventional apple, which is high in pesticides, and potato, which is high in pesticides and possibly GMO.

The grains in Carna4 are also sprouted, which provides more nutrients and allows the food to be made without added vitamins and minerals, which is unusual and admirable for a dry dog food. This is a significant difference between Carna4  most other dried foods, as it means the nutrients come from the food, not from fortification. 

Carna4 is described as quick baked then air dried (again, not extruded like kibble would be) so it loses a ingredient safety point for being a moderately processed cooked food. Post-production testing of every batch is done by an independent lab, Mortec Scientific Inc, and shows that high levels of probiotics, enzymes and other nutrients survive the manufacturing process. 

Carna4 currently offers only a an air-dried food line, however there are no ingredient splitting or glam ingredients to be concerned about.

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carna4 dog food review
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CARNA4 Dog Food Recalls

Carna4 has no product recalls to date.

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